About Our Consultants

FMP’s consultants are accomplished and widely recognized experts, experienced practitioners from the public and private sectors, and individuals with advanced degrees across diverse disciplines. At FMP, we promote a culture of collaboration, developing fluid teams with the right balance of skills and backgrounds. Our consultants take pride in the quality of their work, bringing energy, creativity and strategic business sense to every project. FMP’s entrepreneurial environment encourages our consultants to identify new business opportunities where FMP’s expertise can best be leveraged.

  Advanced Degrees

Over 80% of FMP’s consultants hold advanced degrees in relevant fields including Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Human Resources, Adult Education, Organizational Development, Business Administration and Public Policy. This training allows us to keep up with the latest research and best practices. Our consultants have the backgrounds and practical experience necessary to translate findings from empirical research into real-world solutions. Our consultants are skilled in quantitative and qualitative data analysis and can interpret, present and apply the results of these analyses to provide evidence-based recommendations.

  Leadership and Experience

FMP’s consultants are skilled at analyzing complex situations, managing projects of all sizes and leading functionally diverse teams to create meaningful solutions. Additionally, our consultants have extensive leadership and project management experience, including specific experience within the Defense and Intelligence contexts. Several FMP employees have served in the military, either in an active duty capacity, or as members of the National Guard and Reserve. All of our consultants have operational and project level leadership experience, which allows our team members to engage with individuals across a variety of levels within client organizations.

  Private Sector Expertise

Many of FMP’s consultants have substantial prior experience within the private sector. These team members integrate their backgrounds with their Federal training and experience. Their familiarity and understanding of the private sector allows them to draw upon the latest trends and best practices within industry when working with our public sector clients. These consultants are highly qualified to identify and implement industry trends that are best suited to the Federal environment. Ultimately, their perspective further adds to the extent and range of ideas we consider when assessing organization-specific goals and obstacles and proposing solutions.