FMP’s efforts resulted in a first-of-its-kind curriculum targeting all Federal HR professionals and providing them with the learning needed to support transformation from a process-based HR role to a strategic HR role. With FMP’s assistance, SHRM quickly and successfully launched the curriculum on schedule to extremely positive reviews among pilot audience participants.

Project Summary

Based on SHRM’s priorities, FMP designed, developed, piloted, and evaluated six core Federal HR training courses focused on foundational Federal HR knowledge; talent acquisition and development; communication, credibility, and strategic business partnering; and workforce planning and human capital effectiveness. Pilot evaluation results from a comparison of pre- and post-test self-efficacy ratings indicated that all six courses were highly effective in achieving the course learning objectives. Following the pilot, FMP implemented several course revisions to address evaluation feedback and facilitated a series of train-the-trainer sessions to prepare a cohort of more than 30 instructors to teach each course to Federal HR professionals. SHRM began offering the courses in December 2011

Jessica White, Consultant, x151

Project Results

  • Designed, developed, and implemented a first-of-its-kind curriculum for Federal HR professionals.
  • Pilot evaluation indicated 100% participant satisfaction and full achievement of course learning objectives; courses now part of SHRM’s commercial offering.


“I was talking to my colleague yesterday and I couldn’t say enough about how much of a pleasure it has been to work with you and your team, not to mention the caliber of the project thus far!”

-Client Feedback