Quick Question: Are you actively managing your company’s culture?

As discussed in our first blog this month (“When in Rome”—Recognizing and Adapting to Organizational Culture), an organization’s culture is “a living, breathing, evolving aspect of an organization that differentiates it from other, otherwise similar organizations.” The culture of any organization is impacted by a set of intentional actions as well as the unintentional norms …

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Attracting Talent Using Career Development

This week, we are going to focus on ways that career development programs can improve recruitment and sourcing for your organization. Yes, the goal of career development is to support development of your current employees, but the information can also be used to attract the next generation of employees. The main reason is that career …

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The Value of Competency Models

Illustration summarizing the four competency concepts discussed in the narrative

  Competencies form the foundation of many human capital and talent management efforts. As such, they play a vital role in an organization’s ability to select, develop, train, assess, and retain a competitive workforce. It is vital that organizations, large and small, have thoughtfully considered their development and use. Not sure where to start? FMP …

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