Change Management – More Than Words

In this post on change management and the President’s Management Agenda, I want to focus on the role that leaders play in bringing about important change. I am thinking of leaders broadly, including both the heads of agencies, as well as the supervisors of branches and divisions. I’m talking to anyone who is in some …

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Change Management – Getting Down to Basics

June has always been a month of change. School’s out and the kids are home. We’re trading in our umbrellas and rainboots for sandals and sunglasses. And, did you know that the moonstone (one of June’s three birthstones) actually represents change and new beginnings? So, what better way to kick off June than to talk …

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Organizational Restructuring: Identifying Inefficiencies, Risks, and Opportunities

Spring is here and the Federal hiring freeze has been lifted. In its place, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) released new guidance this month for agencies to reduce their workforce.  The document not only requires agencies to submit plans for a reduction in workforce but also for how to optimize employee performance.  By …

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Moving Out of the Classroom: Are You Ready to Convert Your Offerings?

While instructor-led classroom training has remained a popular method to train employees, organizational use of learning technologies is growing quickly. According to Training Magazine’s 2016 Training Industry Report, more and more organizations are moving away from relying solely on traditional classroom training and towards methods that leverage e-learning. But why? If training is already “covered” in …

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Welcoming New Appointees during the Presidential Transition?

Photo of professionals shaking hands

Take Note of these 3 Considerations for Effective Integration As Inauguration Day is quickly approaching, the President-elect is busy selecting the more than 4,000 appointments that need to be filled. With the large influx of individuals into almost every department and agency, it is vital that this process is successful to ensure a smooth transition …

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Presidential Transition: Identify, Connect, Engage

Photo of two professionals shaking hands

  While the election may be behind us, transition efforts are in full swing. As stated by The Partnership for Public Service, “during this time, the transition team must handle the influx of campaign staff and additional personnel into daily operations and prepare to take over the functions of government.” This involves collaboration and partnership …

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Presidential Transition: 73 days and counting…are you ready?

Photo of an American flag

  With Election Day today, it is important to reflect on how your organization has prepared and will continue to prepare for the upcoming inauguration and handover. Each phase of the transition process presents unique demands. Over the next 73 days, follow FMP Consulting’s Presidential Transition blog series to take a deep dive into critical …

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