celebrating 30 years


Engaging employees and
empowering organizations


Engaging employees and
empowering organizations

What we do

We partner with organizations to help them function more effectively.

How We're Different

We take our clients' challenges personally and deliver tailored, innovative solutions.

What we stand for

We strive to delight our clients with ingenuity, energy, and a strong sense of collaboration.

The Value We Provide

Our solutions deliver sustainable, positive change on our clients' organizations.

Our Latest Ideas

Navigating Workplace Transformation: Strategies for Supporting Employees

When COVID first began and organizations shifted to telework, many employees and leaders likely assumed this would be temporary. Now, well over a year after COVID began, conversations regarding return…

Scrum Outside Technology Development

What Is Scrum and Why Does It Matter? If the first thing you thought when seeing this article title is, “What is Scrum?” Be sure to check out this definition…

Mentorship: Back in the Spotlight

FMP has had a mentorship program (in some form) for over 15 years. But, like any program, it’s important to evaluate progress and make adjustments to keep things fresh and…

What Is Succession Planning and Why Do It?

Succession planning is essentially workforce planning targeted at a defined set of key positions. It is a future-focused process for developing a pool of talented employees to fill leadership roles…

New Normal, Same FMP Culture: How FMP’s culture allowed us to adapt during the pandemic

It has almost been 18 months since the pandemic began, and we’ve had to adapt how we approach our work (more than once) at FMP, just like everyone else. Our…

Mentorship: Don’t Wait to Get Involved

I don’t know about you, but lately it seems like my calendar has full control of my life and my day is spent running (virtually, of course) from meeting to…

Making Training Stick: A Guide to Ensuring Transfer of Training

Benefits to training  Training provides employees with unique knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) that add value to the organization and allow for high performance on the tasks that are necessary to achieve organizational success.1 Training benefits both employees and organizations through three different…

2021 Summer Intern Spotlight

One of our favorite times of the year at FMP is when we hire new interns to join us for the summer! This year, we have three wonderful Human Capital…

The Tale of a Toaster: Lessons for Human Capital Consultants

At FMP, one of the things that makes us stand out is our motivation to deliver quality products and ensure client satisfaction. A story that resonates with us is that…