celebrating 30 years


Engaging employees and
empowering organizations


Engaging employees and
empowering organizations

What we do

We partner with organizations to help them function more effectively.

How We're Different

We take our clients' challenges personally and deliver tailored, innovative solutions.

What we stand for

We strive to delight our clients with ingenuity, energy, and a strong sense of collaboration.

The Value We Provide

Our solutions deliver sustainable, positive change on our clients' organizations.

Our Latest Ideas

FMP named one of the Washington Post’s 2021 Top Workplaces

We are so honored to share that we have been named one of the Washington Post’s 2021 Top Workplaces in the Washington, D.C. area! We’re excited to say that this…

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Managing projects can be tough, and doing so in a highly collaborative, virtual environment can be even tougher. As a project manager, you need to have insight into how your…

FMP’s 30th Anniversary: Interview with Mary Kilcarr

FMP has lots to celebrate in 2021 as we look back on 30 years of service. I sat down on a sunny, warm spring day with Mary Kilcarr, FMP’s longest-tenured…

Financial Wellness: Five Goals For All Ages

Big Picture Goals Finding the time and resources necessary to move forward with big financial decisions throughout a professional career can be a difficult challenge. Long term uncertainty about one’s…

The Importance of Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace

With one in five U.S. adults experiencing mental health disorders in a given year, it’s important for organizations to understand how mental health impacts employees and the steps that can…

Employee Spotlight: Sam Deschenes

For today’s New Hire Spotlight, we interviewed recent hire, Sam Deschenes. Sam is a Consultant with his M.A. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU). Currently, Sam is…

Impacts of COVID-19 on Workforce Development

In 2020, the switch to remote work had profound impacts on companies’ abilities to connect with their employees virtually. At FMP, our work shifted to meet the needs of our…

FMP’s 30th Anniversary: Interview with the Owners

This year, FMP Consulting (FMP) is celebrating its 30th anniversary! To celebrate, FMP’s owners, Erin Pitera, Sherean Miller, and Carolyn Kurowski, sat down for a virtual interview to reflect on…

Eight Strategies for Facilitating Effective Virtual Meetings

With the sudden shift to remote work last March, virtual meetings have become the new way of doing business. Idle chit chat on the way to a meeting, sitting side-by-side…