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Engaging employees and
empowering organizations


Engaging employees and
empowering organizations

What we do

We partner with organizations to help them function more effectively.

How We're Different

We take our clients' challenges personally and deliver tailored, innovative solutions.

What we stand for

We strive to delight our clients with ingenuity, energy, and a strong sense of collaboration.

The Value We Provide

Our solutions deliver sustainable, positive change on our clients' organizations.

Our Latest Ideas

FMP Among Top 40 Vendors to Earn a Place on GSA OASIS SB Pool 1

On November 15, FMP was awarded a spot on the General Services Administration’s (GSA) One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services (OASIS) Small Business (SB) contract vehicle. FMP is among the…

Improve Your Wellbeing in the Workplace

An office environment has a major impact on how its employees function. Unfortunately, you can’t always control the entire office environment, however you can control your daily habits in order…

Client Conflict: Managing and Moving Forward

Conflict, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…this month we’ve covered many facets of the topic, from positive conflict to strategies for overcoming conflict. So Houston, what happens when the…

Leveraging Positive Conflict in the Workplace

I think it is safe to say that just mentioning the word “conflict” can be anxiety inducing. Conflict usually does not feel good even though, as mentioned in our introductory blog…

Employee Spotlight: Dominic Jeter

Our team has been rapidly growing here at FMP, and we thought it was about time we started to introduce you to some of the new faces around the office….

Dropping the Mic on Conflict!

Ah yes, the holidays are among us, which means it’s time for fun, friends, food, and family – yep, an opportunity to spend quality time catching up with aunts, uncles,…

‘Houston, we have a problem’ and we don’t mean baseball

When we planned this month’s theme to focus on conflict with the truism ‘Houston, we have a problem’ we never imagined that we’d be in the midst of a Washington…

How to Not ‘Spook’ Employees with Workforce Planning

A storm brewed outside. The wind wailed, rain rattled, and lightning flashed and cut the power. It was Halloween night, and sounds from the storm conjured up images of spooky…

Prioritizing Workforce Planning in the Private Sector: A Look at Large and Small Companies

This month we’ve been talking about all things workforce planning – from what it is to how organizations in the federal sector leverage it to inform future needs. Wanting to…