Engaging employees and
empowering organizations


Engaging employees and
empowering organizations

What we do

We partner with organizations to help them function more effectively.

How We're Different

We take our clients' challenges personally and deliver tailored, innovative solutions.

What we stand for

We strive to delight our clients with ingenuity, energy, and a strong sense of collaboration.

The Value We Provide

Our solutions deliver sustainable, positive change on our clients' organizations.

Our Latest Ideas

SIOP 2023: Reflections from FMP

The annual SIOP (Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology) conference has come to an end and we’ve gathered our team’s reflections on their experience and what they learned! Each year,…

Celebrating Small Businesses

May is Small Business Month, a time to celebrate small businesses and their owners, “the backbone of our economy and the glue of our communities[1].” Supporting small businesses is vital…

Employee Spotlight: Natasha Tenreiro

Today’s Employee Spotlight is on Natasha Tenreiro. Natasha is from northern New Jersey and is currently a Consultant. She holds a master’s in Industrial-Organizational psychology from Radford University. Natasha also…

Spotlighting Accessibility in Action: Inclusive Design in Tech

What do Microsoft, Sony, and Apple have in common? Yes, they are all big tech companies listed on the S&P 500, but in the context of this blog, the common…

Biking to Work – How to Do It?

How Do I Bike to Work? Last week I shared why commuting by biking, walking, or taking other micromobility vehicles (e.g., scooters) to work is a good idea for your…

Biking to Work – Why Do It?

Why Should You Bike, Walk, or Scooter to Work? Over the past three years, many people experienced what life without a commute looked and felt like at some time. While…

Reflections on Arab-American Heritage Month Spotlight

In 2021, April was federally recognized as Arab-American Heritage Month. This year at FMP, we were excited to celebrate this special month by interviewing and learning more about our Arab-American…

Shop Small for Big Impact: Ideas for Increasing Your Organization’s Interactions with Small Businesses

Introduction Small Business Month is near and dear to us at FMP. Not only because we are a proud, woman-owned small business, but because we’ve seen first-hand the value small…


Neurodivergent individuals are unemployed at a disproportionately high rate; one that is three times higher than the rate for those with other disabilities, and eight times higher than the rate…